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Marina Bychkova is an internationally acclaimed dollmaker who not only puts forth extremely well-made dolls (every single thing, from the porcelain bodies, to the painted features/tattoos, to the painstakingly detailed accessories are handmade by her) but she also puts a lot of thought into their meaning.

Her dolls embody concepts such as necrophilia, Stockholm’s syndrome, women’s reproductive rights, and footbinding, among others.  I thought it was really interesting to see these subjects depicted in this medium.


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I am in love!

So CBS is responsible for one of my new TV loves, Don’t Trust the Bitch In Apartment 23. I just finished the 6th episode… I don’t think I’ve laughed at a TV show this much since…. well I don’t know when. I would DEFINITELY recommend that everyone watch it. And now for my real target of love! Krysten Ritter’s character in the show. Chloe!

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This happened when I saw this photo. /heart

This happened when I saw this photo. /heart

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Artist: Rihanna
Title: Where Have You Been
Album: Talk That Talk (Deluxe Edition)

I have been listening to this song for days. Something about when she yells “crowd” sends chills down my spine, makes my world pulse, and compels me to dance.